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My Czech Roots

  • A systematic description of records of genealogical interest typically found in the archives of the Czech Republic. An historical background is provided for each type of record. Examples of records are included along with complete translations in English. If the records are available online, links are provided.

  • GenTeam

  • The gazetteer on GenTeam is an essential tool to determine the archive in which the parish records from a particular village are held. GenTeam has several additional databases.

  • ShtetlSeeker

  • An excellent resource for finding the exact location of your ancestors' village of origin in Central Europe. Type in the name of your ancestor's village and ShtetlSeeker will provide a list of villages which closely match your input.

  • Fryšava Genealogy

  • The genealogy & history of Fryšava pod Zákovou horou, Moravia. Includes genealogical data, maps, photos, and links of interest to researchers with ties to this village.

  • Kamenický Šenov (Steinschönau) Genealogy

  • The genealogy & history of Kamenický Šenov (Steinschönau), Bohemia. Includes genealogical data, maps, photos, and links of interest to researchers with ties to this town and surrounding villages.

  • Geoinformatics Laboratory at the University of Jan Evangelista Purkyně

  • High-resolution scans of old military & cadastral maps.

  • Map series include the 1st Military Survey (1700s) , the 2nd Military Survey (1800s), the 3rd Military Survey (scale 1:25,000), and the Stabile Cadaster (1800s, scale 1:2,880).

    Karel Kysilka's Homepage

  • Karel Kysilka's home page presents a lot of interesting information on Czech history & genealogy.

  • Austria-Czech Special Interest Group

  • Jewish GenWeb's special interest group devoted to Austrian & Czech genealogy. Although the site is primarily concerned with Jewish genealogy, they have a lot of general information concerning Czech genealogy.

  • Searching the Ellis Island Database in One Step

  • The 'Gold Form' developed by Stephen Morse, Gary Sandler, Michael Tobias, and Erik Steinmetz provides powerful tools for searching the Ellis Island database. Once you use the Short Form you'll never go back to using the primitive search form available through

  • These Czech Genealogy Links are Primarily in the Czech Language


  • A comprehensive Czech genealogy site. Genea features current news from the archives, extensive links, and a place to post surname searches.

  • Towns & Communities Online

  • This web site provides basic information about most cities, towns, and villages in the Czech Republic. Links to many municipal web pages are also listed. Communities are grouped according to district.

  • An English Summary of the above page is available.

  • Addresses of Czech Archives

  • A list of addresses for archives in the Czech Republic. This list is updated frequently.

  • Czech Genealogy & Heraldry Society in Prague

  • A full-featured genealogy web site. CGHS has published several books, including a set of outstanding Czech/German/Latin dictionaries for genealogists. CGHS frequently organizes conferences on genealogy & heraldry.

  • Moravian Genealogy & Heraldry Society in Brno

  • The MGHS, as their name implies, is concerned with the genealogy & heraldry of Moravia. The MGHS schedules regular meetings, organizes excursions, and produces a biannual publication on subjects within their fields of interest.

  • Club for Czech Heraldry & Genealogy

  • This Prague-based club was founded in 1968. Their web site posts club news and lists publications offered for sale by the club.

  • Genealogy Links for Neighboring Slavic Groups

    Slovak Genealogical-Heraldic Society

  • An all-inclusive web site dealing with Slovak genealogy. The site features a surname registry, has helpful links, and provides addresses of all Slovak state archives. The SGHS also publishes books concerning Slovak genealogy.

  • PolishRoots

  • Hundreds of pages dealing with Polish genealogy, culture, and history. Extremely well organized. Search their online databases and surname registry.

  • Carpatho-Rusyn Genealogy Web Site

  • Surname registry, informative articles, and background info for the Carpatho-Rusyn peoples.

  • Lemko Organization

    • Specific historical & genealogical information about the Lemkos -- an ethnic group in the northwestern part of the Carpatho-Rusyn region.


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